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Joined: 20th Jan 2018
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20th Jan 2018

can I get confirmation of a moderator or admin or someone with rcon privileges who still regulars the server?
Joined: 1st Aug 2017
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1st Feb 2018

i am usually on in the evening Central time US. although i dont have full admin function i can kick for a short time
Joined: 20th Jan 2018
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2nd Feb 2018

Cool. I've played with you a couple times. I change my name a lot, but I recently been playing as [NOT]nOlOVE or KYSses. I demo all my games and I've been catching people aimbotting like the game is hard. Just wanted to know that there was a sheriff in town.
Joined: 1st Aug 2017
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7th Feb 2018

yea we play really well together, your the first 1 that iv played with that actually helps with playing that class correctly, and helping your team mate, i wish that the other guys would talk a little so, they could know what its like to be a team.
Forum » General Discussion » Discussion
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