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one of your old recruits app. :D
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28th Jul 2016

1) Please tell us what is Your nickname on W:ET:? Getserved

2) How long have You played W: Enemy Territory? ...5 years
3) Are you currently in any clans? Do you have any previous clans?no and yes this one infact i stopped playing et for over 4 months so i lost everything my old alias is DAYOWL *NC*DAYOWL .and my brother was *NC*Dr.Daddy

4) How long have You played on our servers? Have you collected the necessary 40000 EXP to apply? ...before i took a short break i had 60k

5) Do You plan on being a part of us in the long term? ... yes of course

6) Was there anyone who has made You interested in joining us? ...Jabiru

7) Why are You interested in joining our clan?... im interested in helping with recruiting play other servers and hoping they see the tag and stop and take a look

8 ) Where are you from (country)? ..USA

9) What languages ​​do you know? some spanish (main) english
10) Any other things you wanna add? i am 19 i used to play here a lot. and i hope i get accepted thanks
Forum » Recruiting » Application
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